Work on the Wildside at the
Centre for Stewardship in Falkland

The Centre for Stewardship covers 1500 hectares of land, farm, forest and hill

Work on the Wildside


Thanks to a generous grant from Young Start, we have some great opportunities for young people to get experience of working on the land, in forestry, farming, woodcraft and catering with fresh, locally grown ingredients. This work experience is for school leavers and anyone under 19 who has left school but not yet started work, college or training.

Arrangements can be flexible; after an initial visit to find out more about what’s involved, we ask participants to come for four working days initially, then see how it goes. Everything except lunch is provided, including bus fare, work clothes and tools. If you’re interested (or know anyone who might be) please contact our Learning Manager, Tess Darwin by email or 01337 858838.

This project ended in August 2015.