Directors and Trustees

Falkland Stewardship Trust

Joe Fitzpatrick (Chair)

Professor Peter Burman

Craig Frew

Marietta Crichton Stuart

Professor Georgina Follett

Paul Ritchie

John Smith

Dr Robert Steedman

Ninian Stuart

Falkland Estate Trust

Ninian Stuart (Chair)

Guy Watt

Christina Stuart

Francis Stuart

Staff Teams

Falkland Stewardship Trust

Jude Aird, Office Assistant

Steve Hutchison, Centre Administrator

Helen Lawrenson, Centre Director

Sam Docherty, Woodland Ranger

Finn Waldron, Information Hub Assistant

Seaonagh Davidson, Information and Venue Assistant

Caitlin Robertson, Information and Venue Assistant.

Events, Venue Hire and Wedding enquiries

Lisa Farmer, Assistant Events and Venue Manager

Kelly Hodgson, Events and Venue Manager

Kirsty Bain, Events & Wedding Assistant (part time)

Lana Steven, Events and Information Assistant (part time)

Mhairi Young, Weddings and Events Coordinator (part time)

Our Bright Future

Sarah MacDonald, Programme Coordinator (p/t)

Caroline Collie, Engagement Officer (p/t)

Tom Corke, Rural Skills Training Supervisor

Declan Lindsay, Lee Hutchison and Billy Spence, Trees and Timber Apprentices

Simple Shelters: Building out Bright Future

Tara O’Leary, Project Coordinator

Laura Jaap, Project Officer

Falkland Estate Trust

Lesley Duffy, Executive Assistant to Head of Enterprise and Ninian Stuart

Lynne Irons,  Head of Enterprise (Falkland Estate)

Susan Nisbet, Office Manager (Falkland Estate)

Land and Property Team

Tim Grieve, Forestry and Sawmill Supervisor

Kevin Hodgson, Assistant Maintenance Manager

Matt Roberts, Maintenance Assistant

George Watson, Maintenance Manager

Farm Team (Falkland Rural Enterprises)

Robin Nisbet, Farm Manager

Tim Haslin, Farm Assistant