Rural Skills at the
Centre for Stewardship in Falkland

The Centre for Stewardship covers 1500 hectares of land, farm, forest and hill

Our Bright Future – Level 1

What is it?

The Fife based Our Bright Future project is one of 31 happening across the UK. Each is equipping 11-24 year olds with skills and experience to make a difference in their local community and for the environment with thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

This programme is running until March 2021 and offers different types of activity centred around learning rural skills from our base in Falkland as well through partner sites at The Ecology Centre in Kinghorn, Cambo Estate near Kingsbarns and Silverburn Park in Leven.

What’s involved?

Our level 1 programme is aimed at young people aged from 14 – 18 years. We tend to work with people through contacts with local high schools. But if you’re interested in finding out more for you or someone you know then please get in touch.

We offer a series of free sessions working in small groups of up to 6 people on outdoor projects. You work with a member of the team who will find out what you enjoy and then hopefully help you do it! Some of the things the teams have got involved in so far include gardening, making bug hotels, pond dipping and conservation type activity as well as removing plants from areas where they are not wanted or more creative projects involving growing harvesting and then weaving willow or basic wood working. But there is so much more. Outdoor clothing is provided and the sessions are all about having fun, learning something new and developing confidence and skills.


I really look forward to working here, sometimes it’s hard at home and I get angry and frustrated! I come here and working outside on this project helps me. It makes my week better.

I really enjoyed the wood working so much I bought my own tools and started more at home!

To find out more about any element of our Rural Skills training programmes please contact Sarah on 01337 858838 or by email.