The Neighbourfood Market is a concept which is rapidly gaining popularity. It is something which serves several needs:

  • It connects local suppliers to local shoppers
  • It helps to support a healthy local market
  • It supports jobs and livelihoods in the rural economy
  • It builds relationships between towns and villages and local producers

A Neighbourfood Market is now coming to Falkland and whilst we were set to launch in April 2020 we took the difficult decision to postpone due to the lockdown. Now that the lockdown is being eased and with the resulting increased demand for locally accessible food we feel now is the time to launch. There is no doubt that the demand for locally produced fresh food has increased due to the pandemic

Some concerns have been raised on local social media and we would like to address these here.

You are competing with local business. We genuinely believe that the Neighbourfood system can run alongside local businesses, rather than in competition to them. We chose a mid-week collection in order to complement the Saturday Food Market in the Community Hall and, as mentioned above, have actively tried to engage as many local suppliers as we can.

How local are you? Neighbourfood supports local producers and we have tried, where possible, to source suppliers within a 20-mile radius of Falkland. Some suppliers who already work with Neighbourfood markets in Stirling and Blairgowrie have asked to join our market and we believe they are near enough to our region to welcome them in and extend the range of products we can offer to the local area. 

It will cause traffic problems and congestion at West Port. We are conscious of some concerns around parking flows and inconsiderate parking through the village (especially as we live with Covid 19 concerns). Neighbourfood will be a once a week collection arrangement and customers will be allocated a dedicated slot to collect their order, thus controlling and reducing the number of people arriving and leaving at any given time. The new junction at Pillars of Hercules will be completed in the next months and this will actively reduce the number of vehicles passing through the village.

We hope these are helpful clarifications about the nature of the project. We are always happy to hear a range of views on the work that goes on within the estate to make it a productive and welcoming environment for everyone. We consider all comments and complaints which we receive and contact details are on our website.

If you prefer to air your thoughts online, please remember that “the Estate” is actually a small group of people working hard and trying to do their best for this beautiful place that sustains many livelihoods and recreational opportunities – please, be kind.