MAKDOME: An exhibition of plant forms by Tina Scopa

Sunday 15th December to Friday 31st January

An exhibition of Fine Art Prints of Plant Forms. The prints are produced using techniques developed by Edaphic Plant Artist, Tina Scopa. The resulting prints appear as finely detailed drawings – as though the plants have ‘drawn’ themselves during the process. Most of the prints were made during the summer of 2019 at Tina’s Nether Street Studio in Kirkcaldy and many of the plants were collected at the Pillars of Hercules garden in Falkland.

The title of the exhibition, Makdome was found in writings by Agnes Arber on Goethe’s plant studies. Agnes was the first woman fellow of the Royal Society. She wrote Goethe’s Botany (1946) and The Natural Philosophy of Plant Form (1950). In the latter publication she makes reference to this old Scottish word, makdome. This corresponds to the Latin, forma which goes beyond the English definition of form carrying with it too the implication of ‘elegance’ and conveys ‘a certain suggestion of the harmony which is characteristic of the organisation of living things’. Goethe originated the science of morphology , the Greek root of which, morphe too goes beyond the English term shape and signifies ‘the outward expression of an inner essence ’.

Some ceramic work will also be shown and cards and prints will be available to buy. There will be an opening reception on Sunday 15th December at 3pm. The exhibition will run until the end of January 2020.