An Introduction to Ecopsychology

Friday 24th May
6pm – 7pm
7:15pm – 8:30pm

Part one – Public Talk: Footprints, 6pm-7pm,This evening talk is a contemplation on footprints, paths & walking. Treading lightly across the wide and various terrain of Ecopsychology, Stephanie will touch on topics of mindful walking, felt sense, mental pathways, archetypal landscapes, personal maps & inspiration and healing in nature. Underpinning Ecopsychology is an aim to understand what has gone wrong in our relationship with the natural world, our dissociative ways of living with the earth, and of course how to restore these relationships & help people to begin to listen again. This talk is a space for reflection on our own footprints, and our own paths to personal and ecological restoration. Cost: £5

Part two – Explore, 7.15 – 8.30pm Part two offers a chance to further explore ideas from the talk through experiential means, dipping into some mindfulness practice and playing with our own footprints and foot sense! cost: £5
Stephanie Gooding, BSc, MSc, MSc, CPsychol.Stephanie Is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, with an interest in Ecopsychology where she can integrate Western with Buddhist psychology and simple indigenous nature-based healing. Stephanie has studied Buddhism, meditation and natural energy medicine for around 20 years and has a life long interest and enjoyment in nature. She is now offering courses for wellbeing and emotional resilience based in nature connection, compassion and transpersonal psychology, see: www.earthworks-ecopsychology.comIn association with Earthways ‘ reconnecting people, land & nature’, see:

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