Following the second incident of sheep dying as a result of dogs being left off their leash, Falkland Estate’s Home Farm has issued an appeal to dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash when visiting the estate at this time.

Farm Manager Robin Nisbet commented : ” We have now lost two animals in the past couple of weeks as dogs run into fields where the sheep are grazing. This scares and scatters the animals which in turn leads to injuries and distress which can be fatal.

Following this latest loss on Friday last, we have reported the incident to Fife Police and this morning met with officers to take advice which we will now follow.

Irrespective of these steps we ask everyone, dog walkers and non dog walkers alike, to please take steps to ensure that dogs are kept under control on a leash when visiting the estate. This in turn helps everyone to feel safe and prevents the unnecessary and upsetting death of animals which have been reared and cared for at Falkland.

It is particularly important at this time of year when lambing and calving is taking place on the farm and we wish to avoid any distress to ewes and cows which are birthing. Please help and support us to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the animals in our care.”

Centre Director Helen Lawrenson also commented : ” We had a busy weekend with a number of new visitors as well as our regulars. People were taking advantage of the easing of the lockdown restrictions and the good weather. People generally were respectful of each other and the social distancing guidelines and there was a good atmosphere on the estate. However, we also noticed an increase in litter and we had to advise a couple of people that Barbecues are not allowed on the estate for safety reasons.”

The estate remains open and asks people to continue to take personal responsibility for their own actions and to help land managers and staff on the estate to work safely.