Dr Oliver O’Grady

Professor Alice Roberts, Joe Fitzpatrick, Dr Oliver O’Grady

There is a lot of sadness around the Centre at the moment following the sudden death of one of our close collaborators and part of the extended Falkland network, Dr Oliver O’Grady.

Oliver passed away at home unexpectedly a few days ago.

Commenting on this tragic loss, Stewardship Trust Chairman Joe Fitzpatrick said

Oliver was a friend and colleague who impressed everyone who had the pleasure of working with him. He led the three archaeological excavations on East Lomond in 2014, 17 and 19 and his warmth, openness and encouragement were appreciated by all our excavation volunteers and staff.

No one’s ‘theory’ was dismissed and his patient explanations were educative and informative. He loved being able to engage and involve community members in archaeological discovery and personally speaking, having had a career working in Education and in communities, he and I found much common ground as we planned out the organisation of the excavations on East Lomond.

At an appropriate time in the future the Centre for Stewardship will organise a fitting tribute to someone who shared and gave so much to others, and to whom for many will always have an association with our very own ‘Falkland Hill’