The Car Park at the Stables on the Falkland Estate has reopened in anticipation of a step change in traffic volumes coming to Falkland in light of the Scottish Government’s easing of the lockdown restrictions. The decision was not one taken lightly and takes account of concerns relating to the traffic congestion reports in the village, the rise of indiscriminate parking in the past few days as well as an awareness of the growing number of people travelling by car to Falkland, despite Government guidance on travel distances. Some of this has been highlighted in the local Press.

Falkland Stewardship Trust Chairman, Joe Fitzpatrick commented : ‘We have listened to a range of voices and opinions on the local concerns around public health, traffic congestion and car parking. Both the Falkland Estate Trust and ourselves have heard and welcomed all of the feedback and have been encouraged by the positive support for the action taken in partnership with the Community Council. We committed to reviewing the arrangements in place when the First Minister makes her statement on easing restrictions, and this is what we are now doing.

Living in a historic village is always going to throw up challenges to 21st century modes of travel and the desire to see beautiful places in our own country will mean there are issues which will continue to need careful and considerate management. 

For our part, the estate bodies will hope to absorb some of these traffic impacts and pressures on the village by re-opening our car park. We will continue to ask everyone coming to the estate to treat each other with respect and maintain social distancing guidelines, and ask dog walkers to keep their pets on a leash as we are in the middle of lambing and calving on the farm.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support. We hope that the partnership approach with the local Community Council, focused on taking positive action in the wider public interest is a good foundation for working together in the future’