Saturday March 23rd– Saturday June 8th(excluding May 4thand 11th)


A 10 week course on mindfulness, set at the stables building on the wonderful Falkland Estate, beginning on Saturday March 23rd and finishing on Saturday 8th June (there is a two week break in May). The 10 sessions hang together as a progressive course, but each sessions also stands alone if you are unable to attend all 10.

Each 2 hour session will cover an aspect of mindfulness followed by mindful practices. You will learn all about mindfulness and how to incorporate it in your daily life.

The course covers all elements of mindfulness, with practical practice sessions to encourage you. There will be present moment practices such as mindful eating and mindful movements, as well as breathing techniques designed to increase your awareness of the here and now and acknowledge what is going on in your mind and body. The course includes guided meditations and notes on 40 practices to really embed mindfulness as your true nature.

Mindfulness can help with all facets of your life, including mental health such as anxiety, stress and depression.

If you’ve never tried mindfulness before, this is a good place to begin your journey and understanding of it.

Cost for the 10 week course is £100 per person (£10 per week). This can be paid in installments. If you want to book on the entire course, you can get the 10 weeks for £90 if you book/pay in advance.

For further information and to book, please send a private message to Zen Life Fife, or e-mail info@craig-gilbert.com, or text 07846 399594.