Towards a Unified Earth

Earth Ensemble Therapy
Working with models of inclusion and flow

Saturday 6 July 10 am – 6 pm

This is the first of the Earth Ensemble trainings held at The Centre for Stewardship. Falkland.

A day workshop bringing through the issues of our fragmented earth and finding healing flow.

Earth Ensemble is a holistic therapy developed by Carol Day. It holds the model of interconnectedness at its core. Within this practice, spaces are built as containers for listening and including the many expressions that are here as meaningful constituents in our cosmology of life. Acknowledging the existence of the many planes operating as fields of influence on any situation, this therapy works in a gestalt way to uncover hidden stories, bring healing and compassion to them and then discover and recover pathways of meaning and flow.

The group works indoors and outdoors in this workshop. We move into nature and bring the field of nature indoors too. We work from solo enquiry and connection exercises through to partnered and then wider group work as the day develops. We work with objects and writing and also with using our bodies and selves as instruments as we access and bring information through in a field of inquiry.

The workshop holds as its intention that we can be introduced to the Earth Ensemble Wheel and its ethos as a model. It holds that we can meet the needs of the land we work on and the individual callings for unity that each person in the workshop brings along.

Carol Day is the founder of The Centre for Creative Vision and has for the last 8 years been working from Kilgour House on the Falkland Estate running a Visionary Shamanic School. She is a psychotherapist with an MSc in pluralistic counselling and is also a trained Constellation therapist. An artist, who has followed her calling to understand and track creativity and the human condition, Carol is also an educationalist who spent many years working with young children and teenagers before bringing through the Nature as Teacher spiral curriculum with Cathy Bache of The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery in 2007. She moved from this to work with adults and nature and set up the little red drum in 2009. Carol is one of the leading teachers of a much needed movement of shaman-eco practitioners in Scotland today.

These trainings are precursors to the new Earth Ensemble Therapy 2 year practitioner training coming to Fife in 2020.

The day workshop is £70 and includes lunch at the Stables. Price is payable in full on booking. To book please contact Carol directly, contact details and further information Carol Day and Earth Ensemble therapy can be found on the website

Earth Ensemble TherapyWorking with models of inclusion and flow
Towards a Unified Earth 
This is the first of the Earth Ensemble trainings held at The Centre for Stewardship. Falkland.  It is an introduction to the Earth Ensemble Wheel and its ethos. 
It is a rich day workshop bringing through the issues of our fragmented earth, tapping open personal and land stories to bring healing flow.  
In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the basic principles and framework for Earth Ensemble therapy
  • Work indoors and outdoors to find ways to connect with the energy of the land
  • Open up inquiry into individual ancestral stories with land to heal themes of exclusion
  • Work with a nature being on the land to open creative flow through writing
  • Disclose a story with the local land and work with constellation methods to bring openings for projects for ourselves and local community
  • Open a ceremony with the ancestors of Orrea, honouring and blessing all races and all beings

Cost £70 including delicious vegetarian lunchTickets: