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A New Orchard

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Falkland Kitchen Farm Wild chamomile harvest

Meadowsweet Organic flowers

Meadowsweet organics

Falkland Kitchen Farm bees

Beautiful Belted Galloways

Farming on Falkland Estate

The organic home farm on Falkland Estate is run by Falkland Rural Enterprises Ltd (FREL). Our activities centre around the production of organic beef, fed and finished predominantly from grass and concentrating mainly on the Aberdeen Angus breed but you will no doubt have spotted some Belted Galloway cows and calves in our fields. The ‘Belties’ particularly lend themselves to spring calving and all year outdoor production. They and our newly acquired beef short horn bull will complement the genetics and breed characteristics of the Aberdeen Angus and lead to an improved Autumn and Spring calving suckler herd.

We also have a large flock of Texel and Scottish Blackface sheep, also grass-fed. Working on the Estate is a privilege at the best of times but we can’t deny that our favourite time of year is Spring, when the lambs start to appear in the fields!

To provide additional protein and provide additional supplements to the cows grass based diet, we grow spring barley, spring oats and spring beans – all organic of course!

Some of the surplus crop not required for the cattle is sold to produce organic breakfast cereals and energy bars, with the surplus barley sold on to produce whisky or beer.

Smallholders on Falkland Estate

In 2013 Falkland Estate farm (FREL) identified and established an area of land for new farmers to rent. Recognising the national shortage of good, affordable organic land – and opportunities for smallholders to get into farming – Falkland Estate farm offered plots from 0.5 to 2.5 hectares. The aim of this scheme is to contribute to wise food production and to do so in a way that is economically viable.

Some of our smallholders are already reaping the rewards of their produce:

Meadow Sweet Organics aim to produce top quality organic medicinal, culinary and wildcrafted herbs available fresh and dried as well as beautiful local grown cut flowers and fresh vegetables and salad crops grown market garden style.

Falkland Kitchen Farm is run by Bryde and Nat. They grow organic vegetables of many interesting varieties. They also grow herbs and maintain an apiary on the farm to produce raw blossom honey.

Falkland Estate Orchard

In 2012, Falkland Rural Enterprises Ltd planted a new apple orchard, the first major orchard to be planted in the locale for over a century. The two acre orchard is made up of four different types of dessert applesapple.

Our plantation consists of Discovery, James Grieve, Red Windsor and Rajka varieties. These types of apples have been chosen because they all ripen at a range of different times during the season, meaning that there will be apples available from late August through to the middle of October.






Apple Juice and Cider!

Taste our apples as a delicious juice or cider. The juice is available to buy from the Information Cafe at the Stables and various other outlets around Fife. The cider is available to buy at local pubs and restaurants.