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The Centre for Stewardship has a history going back many centuries.

About Falkland Estate

Falkland Estate sits at the very heart of Fife, some 35 miles north of Edinburgh. There have been settlements here from at least the time of the Iron Age people who built hill forts. It was a favourite royal hunting ground of the Stuart monarchs and home to Victorian leaders of rural and architectural style. Nowadays, it is a place of thoughtful stewardship of land, nature and community.

The Estate covers around some 1900 hectares, just under one-fifth of which is wooded, with the rest divided between arable farmland on the low ground and rough grazing on the hills. More than a third is an important “designed” landscape whose major elements date from the 19th century.

Falkland Estate is today a place of recreation for many visitors. It has a network of pleasure walks from the Victorian and Edwardian periods as well as fascinating buildings such as the Memorial Chapelthe Tyndall Bruce Monument and the Temple of Decision.

Photographs to enjoy: the Temple of Decisionthe House of Falklandthe Stables. 

Please look after the Estate responsibility, following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Please note that Falkland Estate is a working farm and there are often tractors and other farming machinery in use.

There is no charge to visit Falkland Estate and access is available every day of the year. If you would like to help maintain this beautiful landscape then please consider making a donation to the charity, Falkland Stewardship Trust or joining its Friends of the Centre for Stewardship membership scheme.


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