Exploring Nature: 6-week course with Tina Scopa

Friday 5th April
10:00 – 12:00


SIX WEEK course: April 5th, 12th, 26th; May 3rd, 10th, 17th.
£10 per session – or £55 when you book the full course in advance.
Please note that refunds cannot be given for any missed sessions. 
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This will be a small group for all disciplines – or none – where our individual learning, together with our shared learning will grow over the duration of our time together.

Meet in the Craft Hub at the front of the Stables building, where the group will start and finish – sessions will include walking and some outdoor work, please wear suitable clothing. 

Tina Scopa – Edaphic Plant Artist: 
“Wild plants spring up wherever they can with an incredible life force that is completely independent of our own efforts. Often we disregard them, yet their forms hold great beauty. In my practice I seek to show these forms and bring them to prominence. I work too with the soil that supports their growth. The term I use for this practice is Edaphic Plant Art.” http://tinascopa.wixsite.com/website

Each week over the course of six weeks we will undertake an evolving exploration into the natural world around us on the Falkland Estate. Using our own unique prior knowledge and experience, our intuitive capacities, and our desire to understand and to find out more we will delve into an experience of the environment around us. Our starting point will be Tina Scopa’s own personal viewpoint as a visual artist working with plants and soil. Our explorations will include gentle walking, noticing, observing, stilling, and ‘tuning-in’ to the world around us. As Goethe’s own studies on plant morphology encouraged a honing of our perceptive capabilities we will consider our own relationship with the outdoor environment. We may wish to express this visually, verbally, scientifically, vocally, artistically, spiritually, silently, poetically, creatively, intellectually or just be content with the evolving sensory experience.