Where the land gives life to the people and people give life to the land

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The Centre for Stewardship covers some 1500 acres of land, farm, forest and hill.

The Centre for Stewardship is located on the outskirts of the beautiful conservation village of Falkland, Fife, Scotland. As well as caring for the A listed House of Falkland with its arts and craft interiors and historic landscape, we are now developing Falkland Estate as a place where people are learning how to live and work more sustainably. Our interests span from the value of re-skilling our communities to the impact of today's decisions on climate change for future generations.

We are adapting old ideas of stewardship to the needs of our modern, fast changing world with an organic farm on Falkland Estate that is starting to produce affordable food for our local town, by upgrading miles of paths to strengthen our connections with neighbouring communities, planting thousands of trees and considering plans for allotments and wood fuel production.

Increasingly we are focusing on the development and provision of rural skills, particularly for young people. We are delighted to be a partner in both the Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership and the newly formed Fife Rural Skills Partnership, both looking at safeguarding the future of rural areas through the provision of skills and training.

From 2006 to 2012 we hosted the Big Tent, Scotland's environmental festival and we run other events including the annual stewardship lecture and activities around our themes of food, wood and craft. On 20-24th October we are hosting an exciting Craft Collaboration.

We are part of the Zero Waste Scotland initiative, working with community advocates and volunteers to cut down on food waste and improve recycling in targeted areas.

We are working on a World War 1 social history project - Remembering the Old Parish of Falkland - (Falkland, Freuchie, Dunshelt, Newton of Falkland).

Falkland Estate is free to visit any time of the year. Much of our work on the care of this beautiful landscape is only made possible through your support. If you are interested in being part of what we do here then please consider joining as a Friend of Falkland's Heritage or as a volunteer .


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